RS Aero - From: $8,995

Re-sets the standard for pure exhilaration in a simple single-hander.
Light weight - 95 pounds fully rigged - makes the RS Aero exceptionally user-friendly on shore:

Virtually anyone can lift the boat onto a car roof-rack
Pulling it up the beach makes you smile
Simplicity means the boat can be rigged in moments

A simple, yet refined and durable single-hander to suit
any sailor between 77 and 210 lbs with three rig sizes:

Aero 5 - 54 sq ft
Aero 7 - 77 sq ft
Aero 9 - 93 sq ft

Hull Design

Chined hull design for stability at speed.

Knife edge bow for upwind performance.

Tapered width to reduce weight, while offering max width for righting moment.

Reinforced mast step, with collar and with drain hole and integrated wear protector.

Three Rig System

Dynamic three rig system for different sailor weights & conditions.

2-piece carbon mast section with interchangeable lower mast (Same setup as other popular dinghies).

Top mast and boom are the same for all rigs.

Mast track and halyard for ease of raising sail in any conditions.

Modern composite mast allows for significant depowering in windy conditions.

Vang, Cunningham, and Outhaul controls led to side decks for easy access.

Sails & Blades

High denier Dacron sail fabric for shape and long life.

Glass/Carbon blades are CNC milled.

Vertical daggerboard for ease of use and minimal drag.

Powerful rudder blade design gives endless control.


Epoxy glass & carbon composite construction with a foam core.

Everything non-essential removed to reduce weight and add durability.

CNC machined tooling for maximum control over shape and symmetry.


Designer: Jo Richards/RS Sailing

Length: 13 feet 2 inches

Beam: 4 feet 7 inches

Hull Weight: 66lbs

Construction: Epoxy glass & carbon composite with foam core

Mast: 2-part carbon composite

Boom: Carbon composite

Foils: Epoxy composite with foam core