RS Tera - From: $3,350

"The RS Tera virtually eliminates the need for outside help to right boats when they capsize. It empowers kids and frees up coaches to coach." - Kevin Mullen, Director - Dana Point Harbor Youth Foundation

Durable - highest quality
Delightfully comfortable for all ages
Kids say the Tera looks like a mini-Laser
Easy to self-rescue - builds confidence
Responsive in light winds - planes in a breeze
Capacity 220 pounds, optimum weight 66 to 150
Dacron Sport sail furls to reef and for quick rig-derig
Larger Mylar Pro sail uses same mast sections as Sport

Fleets: St. Francis Yacht Club, California YC, American Legion YC, Newport Sea Base, Dana West YC, Sausalito YC, Dana Point Harbor Youth Foundation, Crown Cove AC, Gold Arrow Camp, Community Sailing of Colorado, Dillon YC, South Beach YC, Westlake YC, Santa Barbara Seashell Sailing Association

Video: RS Tera Sailing Dana Point, CA

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